about theater altrego

Theatre Altrego

     was established 1995 there, in the workshop-studio of Viktor Kucera. All the puppets, the stage and the requisites, but also the stories have been developed there. For the audience, we are traveling all around the World. And because we play without the speach, everybody understands. We perform inside or outside, on festivals, at the theatres on celebrations for the audience up to 400 people. We have all technical equipment, so we need just a nice place to play and a plug in.

Here some of our nicest Engagements:

July 1995 and many times again: Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten Hannover, Germany

July 2004: Toronto Street Festival, Canada

May 2007: International Puppet Festival Guadalajara, Mexico

July 2007: International Puppet Festival Gent, Belgium

May 2009: International Puppet Festival Istanbul, Turkey

March 2010: International Puppet Festival Izmir, Turkey

May 2010: Festival Fabelhaft, Austria

June 2010: Internationales Street Theatre Festival „Tete a Tete“ Rastatt, Germany

May 2011: International Puppet Festival Redondella, Spain

June 2011: International Puppet Festival Evora, Portugal

August 2012: ViaThea Festival, Görlitz, Deutschland

August 2013: Limburger Festival, Niederlande

Juni 2014: Hurricane Festival, Scheeßel, Deutschland

Juni 2015: Southside Festival, Tuttlingen, Deutschland

Juli 2015: 30. Jubiläum Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten, Hannover/Herrenhausen, Deutschland